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Sherri Seligson and her husband David homeschooled their four children through high school. Before being promoted to motherhood, Sherri worked as a degreed marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research. Recently completing her M.Ed. in curriculum design and instruction, Sherri has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, Marine Biology, and Internships for High School Credit, instructional video courses for Apologia’s science curricula, and companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale and War Horse. Sherri is an international conference and retreat speaker. Using transparency, truth, and humor, she encourages moms on their homeschool journey and teaches families and students the importance of studying God’s creation.

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Nearly everyone enjoys learning about creatures that live in the ocean. After all, it is a truly alien environment to us, full of unique and interesting organisms. Amazingly, the more we learn about the ocean and the organisms living in it, the more we begin to see that there are intricacies that do not fit with the theory of evolution. As we dive into this discussion, we will look at the physical features of echolocation in fun-loving dolphins, as well as “living fossils” that should be extinct yet are found unchanged in shape and form, living all over the world. We’ll look scientifically at the ocean’s salinity and learn what the actual data have to say about an earth that is supposedly millions of years old. And we cannot forget sharks, with their amazing physical abilities to detect electrical impulses from miles away! So grab a notepad and come to this fun and informative discussion…no snorkels necessary!

In the same way that a painter’s style and character are revealed in his paintings, we can see glimpses of God’s character in his Creation. The Bible mentions that He is light and living water. And as we study light and water, we understand his magnitude Him more clearly. Studying salt, darkness & light, and even branches, vines, & grafting gives us deeper clues to what those Biblical references truly mean to us. Join me in this fun and fascinating discussion!

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