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When Your Struggling Learner (Hates, Struggles, Refuses) to Read

Workshop Speaker: Julia Nalle

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About This Workshop

Is your child a struggling reading? Do books intimidate and frustrate? Are you longing to get on the literature-based (Charlotte Mason or Classical) bandwagon but can’t see how it will work? Does your child love history but resists reading the required books? Are you desperate for ways to ease the reading load on your child without compromising the content? Literature is not a lost cause. Bring on the books. Come along as Julia Nalle, co-author of BiblioPlan – a Classical/Charlotte Mason style history and literature curriculum – shares her own journey with struggling, twiddling readers and ways she has adjusted to meet their needs. In this session she will discuss the causes of twiddling and share 25 + practical and fun strategies to help your twiddler get the most out of a literature-based curriculum.