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Special Tracks

We offer a wide variety of topics to equip and encourage you on your homeschooling journey. Pick the workshops that work best for you!

Home School Help Desk
Sarah Mackenzie
The Homeschool Help Desk is all about support, encouragement, and a shoulder to lean on when you’re overwhelmed by all that homeschooling can bring on. Brought to you by Colleen Kessler (Raising Lifelong Learners) and Pam Barnhill (Homeschool Solutions), both authors, speakers, podcasters, and homeschool moms right there in the trenches with you, the Homeschool Help Desk is a haven in the energetic exhibit hall where you can bring your favorite warm beverage and your questions, and sit down to collect your thoughts, ask for advice, and hang out with Colleen, Pam, and volunteers from their online communities.
Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track
Dr. Jay Wile | Massey Campos | Jean Burk | John Fort
Has your teen had their faith questioned by peers, classmates, or co-workers? As homeschool parents, our responsibility is not to insulate them from life; rather, we must be very intentional in equipping them for the inevitable challenges that they will face—it’s not a matter of if they will face challenges, but when.
Charlotte Mason Track
Shiela Catanzarite
Charlotte Mason (1842–1923) was a reformer and pioneer in the field of education. Her philosophy and methods of education are focused on educating the whole person, not just the mind. In her words, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” Many homeschooling parents have had great success following Charlotte Mason’s educational methods with their children. This special track will provide an introduction to Charlotte Mason, as well as more advanced sessions for those already using the Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods.
Special Needs
Cheryl Swope
As homeschool parents work with their children on a one-on-one basis, they are blessed to see firsthand their children’s strengths and also their weaknesses. And sometimes these findings may take their journeys into unknown places. Slower readers. Dyslexia. Gifted. And much more. Thankfully, there are a huge number of homeschooling resources available to leave no family feeling empty-handed or alone. Great Homeschool Conventions is proud to bring you some of the most well-known experts of Special Needs and Gifted Homeschooling to our conventions.
Classical Track
Andrew Pudewa | Martin Cothran | Dr. Christopher Perrin | Dr. Carol Reynolds | John De Gree | Andrew Kern

“Classical education is like a very large museum with many beautiful, wonder-filled rooms that could be studied over a lifetime. It is a long tradition of education that has emphasized the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of the liberal arts and the great books.” —Dr. Christopher Perrin, Classical Academic Press

Parent-to-Parent Track
Dr. Danny Huerta, PsyD, LCSW, LSSW | Nicholeen Peck | Dr. Melanie Wilson | Sean Allen | Adam Holz

Culture changes fast these days, and students need trusted guides to help them navigate the tricky waters. These speakers and workshops will help you ease the trials of parenting.Culture changes fast these days, and students need trusted guides to help them navigate the tricky waters. "Thank God for parents who are committed that their kids learn to love God and obey Him despite all the chaos around us." —John Stonestreet

Homeschool 101
Sarah Mackenzie | Gretchen H. Roe
New to homeschooling? This is your starting place! These sessions will address some foundational aspects of homeschooling that parents new to homeschooling may be particularly interested in learning.
College Track
Jean Burk
College Exams! College Applications! The whole college search and process can be confusing and so overwhelming. The GHC College Track will help alleviate that stress with helpful tips and tricks. Find out how to logically think through college entrance exam questions and how the application process can be simplified.
Literature - Rich Track
Literature-rich learning is an educational philosophy based on children’s natural curiosity and love for stories. It makes learning information enjoyable and conveys knowledge in a format that is easy to remember. Instilling a love of learning through reading benefits your child in every aspect of his/her education. This Literature-Rich Track will feature popular speakers, some of whom also happen to be authors that your child may already be familiar with. Come get great tips and encouragement from those who are experts in the field.