Giant Cow Children’s Ministries is BACK for the GHC Kids Events!

Giant Cow Children’s Ministries offers a high-octane, supercharged, Jesus-filled, day camp-styled kids’ event at each of GHC’s locations (see age info below). Giant Cow brings on-site an amazing team of Children’s Ministers from across North America, many of whom direct large-scale kids’ ministries inside some of America’s most impactful churches. This team facilitates every aspect of these high-energy events including ticket sales, child safety, and, of course, dynamic content that draws each child closer to Jesus. Whether it is exciting music, inspiring messages, entertaining characters, Scripture memory, positive mentoring, team competitions, on-stage games, or dramatic productions, Team Giant Cow creates an environment that is impactful, safe, and FUN!

A few important details

  • The Giant Cow Kids Events are available for kids ages 3-12 (ages 5-12 in St. Charles)
  • All participating children are required to be fully potty-trained.
  • If you want to take advantage of the Giant Cow Kids’ Event in your city, make sure you secure tickets for your kids TODAY by visiting the Giant Cow website (additional cost).

FREE TICKET for your child:

If you have a young person age 15 or older who would like to join the Cow for a weekend of ministering to kids as a VOLUNTEER, his or her participation provides your family with ONE FREE TICKET for one of your younger children (applies to children within the same family). Have more than one young person interested? There is ONE FREE KIDS TICKET available for each volunteer who serves. This is a limited offer, so contact Cow today to learn more and to find out how your young person can qualify. And you can get a HEAD START by filling out our online volunteer application.

ADDL INFO: We do accept junior volunteer at age 13. However, free ticket is available only for volunteers who are 15 or older who serve with Giant Cow for the entire event.