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Where can a homeschooling Mom or Dad go to learn very specific skills and strategies that will make their Home School as effective and successful as possible? Where can they go and learn practical ideas that are applicable across-the-board as well as the opportunity to drill-down in other specific areas of concern or focus?

It's really simple... they simply need to attend a regional GHC Homeschooling convention.

Each of our five (5) regional homeschool conventions draw attendees from many different states. And, one of the main reasons for this is that we take great care to feature the very best Speakers that we possibly can... and we then offer 100s of information-packed workshops per convention.

Yes, our home school conventions are crazy-affordable... thanks to  our amazing sponsors. And, yes, we offer great Hotel Discounts for our attendees... and outstanding Special Events at each convention. And, yes, there is a HUGE Homeschool Curriculum and Homeschooling Resources Exhibit Hall to browse & shop.

But, the bottom-line is this: There is simply nowhere else you can go to learn from such a great roster of Featured Speakers. And, with 100s of workshops from which to choose at each of our GHC homeschooling conventions, you are able to specifically pick-and-choose only those workshops that are most applicable to you and your family.

As you might expect, organizing the Homeschooling Workshop Schedule for each of our GHC homeschool conventions is an immense task --- especially with so many incredible speakers and workshops to coordinate. And then... approximately 6 weeks prior to each convention... we post the Workshop Schedule that is specific to that convention so that you may begin to make your own scheduling plans.