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Is a College Degree the Only Ticket to Success?

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Steven Coyle

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About This Workshop

Students have been told for years that they must have a college degree to be successful. Today's economy and workforce tells a much different story. There is a severe shortage of technicians in the skilled trades. These positions are not only in demand, but they pay extremely well. It is important that students know what these positions are and how they can achieve them. If you have a son or daughter who is just not wanting to spend 5 or 6 years in college, this workshop is for you! Come learn about the many STEM careers that exist and see how these careers only require a year or less of training. Also learn how this training can be affordable to any budget. Let me teach you about the Rule of 1-2-7 and how it applies to your kids. This is a workshop you can't afford to miss!