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Ten Essential Pedagogies of Classical Education: Principles not Techniques

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Christopher Perrin

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About This Workshop

How does one teach well? How would one ever master the art of teaching? In this seminar, we will note the difference between a principle of teaching and various techniques or methods. We will see how teaching techniques will come and go while essential teaching principles abide forever. We will then explore the following essential pedagogical principles handed down to us from a long tradition of teaching: 1) making haste slowly, 2) going deep to go wide, 3) meaningful repetition and review, 4) singing and chanting, 5) wondering and musing, 6) embodying what is learned 7) resting and contemplating, 8) teaching to learn, 9) discussing great books, 10) seeking virtue first and last. The seminar will conclude with counsel on how to slowly master the art of teaching and by taking questions from the audience.