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The One Who Doesn’t Follow: Trusting God When a Child Wanders from the Faith

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Christopher Perrin

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About This Workshop

We all know this kind of family (and yours may be one): A godly, thoughtful, faithful and “model” family with several children. The children are all homeschooled and appear healthy, respectful, resourceful, and faithful to Christ and the church. Then one of the children wanders from the faith and rejects the church. If we are honest, this is not uncommon but it is often hard to address, discuss, and understand. In this seminar, we will discuss the current cultural challenges that we and our children are confronting in an increasingly secular society, with many competing voices calling and tempting our children–despite our best efforts to protect and provide for them. We will address the ways we can wisely protect our children but will also discuss the biblical basis for trusting in God for our children’s well-being and salvation when they wander from the fold.