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Dad Directing Interactive Family Devotions

Workshop Speaker: Benjamin Myers

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About This Workshop

Ben and Felicita Myers will share their personal story of how they ran a theatre ministry in Philadelphia. How they really struggled when they saw many of the children they had worked with not following the Lord after leaving the program. As they began to have children themselves, the Lord spoke to them about the importance of family discipleship with dad playing his role in spiritually directing his family toward God and His Word with regular family devotions. Not knowing how, Ben tried the traditional way and failed. He asked for help and God showed him to cast parts and role-play their way through the Bible. The character of God truly invaded every story and transformed their hearts. Learn how you too can incorporate role-play into your family devotions. Also, hear about ActorsBible, an app they have made to help dads direct and disciple their families through role-play with just 15 minutes a day.