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Raising Confident, Generous & Compassionate Ladies Requires Purposeful Parenting

Workshop Speaker: Monica Irvine

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About This Workshop

Come and Learn How to Give Your Daughters what is Becoming a Rare Commodity...Honor. Imagine what it feels like to watch your daughter continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of her life, because she knows she has endless potential and a great responsibility. She matures with a desire to be a voice for good and a contributor to making our world a better place. She seems fearless, yet uses great wisdom. She is courageous, yet humble. She is KIND. You watch her as she exercises true empathy for those in need and although she holds herself to high standards, she never places herself above others. She has been taught by example of what a true lady is and she looks forward to one day being that example for her family. She is truly a lady. Parents, this Master Class will help you understand how to create the example your daughter needs to become this lady. You don’t want to miss this.