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Parents of Beginninng Readers Can Ensure Their Young Children get Started Right!

Workshop Speaker: Deede Cauley, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

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About This Workshop

One of the most important skills for life success is the ability to read well. A high priority for parents is to ensure their children are relaxed, skilled, and independent readers. Teaching reading and spelling can be simple and delightful for both parent and child. Being successful is easy. Come and be encouraged. RSPS is research-based and it works! Once a parent understands the process and required basics, teaching is easy. Success is fun. Potential learning issues can be overcome or avoided with a solid start for your young learners. Parents of young children can ensure successful instruction in reading comprehension and spelling accuracy. We illustrate what is required and how easy it can be for parents to provide mastery for their beginning readers and spellers. We will include our products but the knowledge provided will enable parents to be successful - with or without our curriculum. RSPS is easy to use with other purchased curriculum. Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple provides a solid foundation of true phonics-based instruction to ensure success for parents & students.