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Keeping the Light In Their Eyes

Workshop Speaker: Rebecca Stromsdorfer

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About This Workshop

Join Rebecca Stromsdorfer in a heartfelt workshop that blends nurturing childlike wonder with deepening faith in children’s lives. With over twenty years of homeschooling experience, Rebecca offers a unique perspective on keeping the spark of joy and curiosity alive in children, while guiding them to turn to God for direction and inspiration. In this inspiring workshop, attendees will explore: Effective ways to create a learning environment that maintains a child’s sense of wonder and integrates faith as a cornerstone. Strategies for encouraging children to continually seek God’s guidance, fostering a lifelong relationship with faith as they grow and learn. Techniques for balancing playful discovery with spiritual lessons, ensuring children remain joyful and curious while developing a strong spiritual foundation. Insights on how faith can be a driving force in helping children reach their full potential, guiding them through life's challenges and transitions. Practical approaches for parents and educators to inspire children to embrace both their natural curiosity and their spiritual journey. This workshop is designed for those who seek to nurture not just the intellectual and emotional growth of children, but also their spiritual development. Participants will gain a rich blend of tools and perspectives to help children keep their childlike light shining bright, guided by their faith and God’s wisdom.