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First Love Teaching; Logos-Centered Learning

Workshop Speaker: Andrew Kern

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About This Workshop

Can we teach the wonders of art, maths, science, and literature without threatening our First Love? Andrew kern believes we can, and in this workshop he lays out the Biblical pattern. The disciple whom Jesus loved famously taught that Christ was the Logos or Word of God and that, "In Him was life and the life was the light of men." There is only one Logos of God - Christ, the Uncreated Logos. And yet in a sense, everything is a "logos" of God - a created logos. In yet another sense, everything we humans make is an imitation of the logoi (plural for logos) of God - mimetic logoi. Education is teaching and learning how to know the Uncreated Logos, the created logoi, and the mimetic logoi, each as they can be known. Kern shows why it helps to think of things as logoi, how doing so makes us better teachers, and how we can teach, learn, and lead better.