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Andrew Kern is founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, the founding author of The Lost Tools of Writing, a co-author of the best-selling book Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America, which he wrote with Dr. Gene Edward Veith, and is on the board of The Society For Classical Learning (SCL). Since establishing CiRCE as a research and consulting service to classical educators, Andrew has trained teachers, led board retreats, and assisted with institutional development and start-up in over 100 schools since 1996. He has been directing the CiRCE Institute full time since the summer of 2000. Andrew helped start Providence Academy in Green Bay, WI, in 1993, where he served as “Lead Teacher”; Foundations Academy (now Ambrose School) in Boise, ID, where he served as Director of Classical Instruction from 1996–2000; The Great Ideas Academy in Charlotte, NC, where he served as Headmaster from 2001-2003; and The Regent Schools of the Carolinas, where he served as Dean of Academics from 2006–2008. He and his family live in North Carolina.

Online Convention Workshops

The Christian has the highest motivation to think but in an age of fragmentation and opposition it can feel like thinking is the quickest way to get lost. In this session, Kern shows practical ways to teach your children how to think without either splitting their souls into fragments or narrowing their minds to a block. Includes recommended resources.

Panel Kick Off: questions for the entire conference; what question to consider; help shape and orient speakers to what we will address. We start by LISTENING. A HEARING...

There is no skill more basic and essential than making decisions, yet few things receive less time and attention than learning how. In this session, Kern shows you immediate steps you can take to help your children grow in their ability to make decisions they can live with - or, rather, thrive. Includes recommended resources.

The Bible shows us how to communicate well and it also warns us about the immeasurable harm we can affect through words. In this session, Kern shows you how to use writing and “school” exercises to guide your children toward wisdom and responsibility in their use of one of God’s greatest gifts to us: words. Includes recommended resources.

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