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Human Evolution or God’s Creation?

Workshop Speaker: Joel Tay

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About This Workshop

Human evolution is often cited as one of the strongest reasons for rejecting biblical creation. But unknown to the public, there is a stark contrast between the public perception of the fossil evidence and the actual views expressed by experts in the field. This talk covers some of the latest in human paleoanthropology, showing that humans could not have evolved from ape-like creatures. The fossils fits best with biblical creation—Mankind is unique and could not have shared a common ancestry with the apes. These fossils are now known to fall into two very distinct groups—fully human, or fully ape. Examples covered in this talk include Neanderthals, H. erectus, H. sapiens, A. afarensis (Lucy’s kind), H. habilis and A. Sediba, and some of the newer finds such as the Hobbit and H. naledi.