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Louis Pasteur's Lies & Your Kid's Health

Workshop Speaker: Paola Brown

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About This Workshop

In 1993, Washington Post writer, Cristine Russell, released a breaking article titled, “Louis Pasteur and Questions of Fraud”. Later in 1995, Dr. Lawrence Altman released a similarly damning article about Pasteur in no other than the New York Times “Revisionist History Sees Pasteur as Liar Who Stole Rival's Ideas”. What’s shocking about this man that we laud as a pillar in medical history is that he was actually a liar who stole ideas from many of his rivals. But do not be fooled—Pasteur did have skills. As Altman writes, Pasteur “mastered the rhetoric and public relations that long have been a part of science, and he showed that even brilliant scientists gamble by cutting corners to beat rivals and promote themselves.”
In this presentation, we will discuss the nature of some of Pasteur’s lies, and how studying the truth about Pasteur provides students today with an excellent opportunity to develop vital critical thinking skills about how medicine is run today. In particular, we will examine Pasteur’s Germ Theory against the theory proliferated by one of his hated rivals, Antoine Béchamp. Béchamp’s Terrain Theory, which is a sharp contrast to Pasteur’s, argues that yes, germs and pathogens are out there, but it’s only if the living organism’s terrain is out of order and imbalanced that one’s protective forces break down, allowing pathogens to have access to you.
Today, we are raising the sickest generation of kids to ever walk the earth. So many of you work hard to protect the health of your family. You choose the right foods, the right medicine, and select the right supplements. But simply raising our children in a holistic environment does not guarantee healthy adults. Learning the truth about Pasteur’s medical history and research not only teaches your kids about the character-building quality of telling the truth, but also the ability to think and question health options. As they grow into adulthood, they will undoubtedly face our world which is obsessed with the Big Pharma, pill- for-every-ill mentality. While our world has continued to proliferate the lies that began with Pasteur, those who do not critically think about their health options suffer suffer the consequences of these lies. While core subjects like math and writing are critical, remember that each day, we live every moment in our body, and as parents, we must pass on the vital
knowledge of true health and wellness to our kids. In this workshop, we will talk about how parents can help grow generations of health by intentionally teaching principles of Terrain Theory to their children. And if you’re new to the wonderful world of holistic health, you can learn right alongside your kids. Today, and together with our children, we need to know what questions to ask our doctors, how to read drug labels, how to think through healthy choices—what to say ‘yes’ to, and what to say ‘no’ to.