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Beyond ADHD Symptoms: Exploring Causes, Understanding Holistic Treatments, and Mastering Learning Strategies to Treat the Whole Child

Workshop Speaker: Danni Gugel

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About This Workshop

Have you always wanted to improve your child’s ability to follow multiple step
instructions, read more fluently, or grasp those tricky math word problems? Have you wondered if there are
things you can do as the teacher to improve your child’s progress? The field of neuroscience has given us an
immense amount of information on how the brain learns and provides a roadmap of how to teach
considering brain function to optimize learning. Take away easy-to-implement actionable steps that are
quick and affordable but can make a huge impact in your homeschool classroom.
Participants will learn:
~What neuroplasticity is
~The definition of the 7 core cognitive skills and how these impact learning and teaching
~How to identify cognitive weaknesses in your students
~Classroom activities to support cognitive development