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The World is Full of Teachers

Workshop Speaker: Angela Heisten and Julie Frieder

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About This Workshop

As a homeschooling parent, you are often your children’s main–and sometimes only–teacher. Two veteran worldschooling educators, Angela and Julie, bring perspective from their family travels to show you how easy it can be to share that role with others. The world is full of teachers, and the presenters will talk about who they are and how to find them–at home and on the road. They’ll share personal insights and stories from other families on connecting with instructors, tutors, docents, rangers, guides, elders, artisans, experiential learning programs, volunteer organizations, apprenticeships, local schools, and even remote family and friends to help diversify the teaching team. In addition, the presenters will highlight the communities that often surround those teachers, opening up ways to broaden your family’s connections. When there’s a world of resources at your fingertips, it might give you time to step outside the teacher role to learn alongside your children, too.