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The Traditionally Heathy Health Class

Workshop Speaker: Dawn Combs

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About This Workshop

Once upon a time, children learned about their bodies by observing the animals and plants around them in Creation. The obvious repetition of a perfect design told them more than any textbook. They learned traditional health techniques and how to raise and properly prepare food from a stool pulled up to their grandparent’s kitchen counter. Health wasn’t a “class”, it was a lifestyle… learned effortlessly.

For nearly 20 years, author Dawn Combs has been teaching adults that were disconnected from their health heritage- and instead sat through Health Class, went to “Well Child Visits”, and followed dietary recommendations from experts outside the family. Much of the curriculum available to teach our kids still comes from this disconnected place. After modeling for more than a decade how to bring this heritage back for her own kids- she is ready to share how her unique perspective can change the health of your family- through shared experience.