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Critical Conversations: Equipping Children with Essential Skills to Safely Navigate Our Hyper-Sexual Culture.

Workshop Speaker: John Fort

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About This Workshop

Appropriate conversations with our children about sex include more than telling them what not to do. Parent surveys—Christian and secular—shed light on conversations parents may be missing with their children to help them avoid and resist sexual pitfalls. Even in a homeschool environment children must be prepared before they leave home to safely navigate a sex-obsessed culture. These conversations are most effective when parents start with younger children.

This workshop will unpack six kinds of conversations that parents can have with children ages 5-18 that help them resist pornography and other sexual temptations. We will include ways to reduce anxiety around healthy conversations about sex. We will give you words to use to help your children understand God’s design for sexuality at different ages. We will demonstrate how to leverage emotional resilience to enhance sexual wholeness in children. You will come away with greater confidence and new ideas you can try immediately at home.