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John Fort, MST, is the Director of Training for Be Broken, helping men, women, and families move from sexual brokenness to wholeness in Christ. He oversees the development of Be Broken’s online training portal: Pure Life Academy. His background in biology, human health, and child development give him a unique voice to help parents assist their children to safely navigate our hyper-sexual world.

As a representative of Be Broken, John is a member of the Safeguard Alliance; spearheading initiatives to protect children from pornography and sexual exploitation. He is also a co-founder of the Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit, training Christian leaders to help others pursue God’s design for sexuality.

John is a regular blogger on and and is the author of several books, including Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex.

John and his wife, Anna, live in Oregon and have two adult children.

Willpower & Adolescent Decision Making: Understanding how willpower differs in adolescents and parent compensation strategies that help

Along with hormones and other changes in the brain, willpower is different in children ages 10-22 than in adults. Willpower is what gives us the ability for self-control and we understand more about how that process works than ever before. Adolescents experience broad changes in willpower levels that parents should be aware of.

This session will start with an overview of what willpower is, how it works, and why willpower levels are different in adolescents than in younger children and adults. We will then look at how willpower interacts with hormone levels and changes in the pre-frontal cortex and limbic systems of the brain in adolescents. We will see examples of why God created adolescents to be this way and the strengths it gives them. But with every strength comes weaknesses, so we will conclude by looking at several ways parents can help adolescents compensate for these temporary changes in willpower to make healthier decisions.

Critical Conversations: Preparing children with essential skills to safely navigate our hyper-sexual culture.

Appropriate conversations with our children about sex include more than telling them what not to do or look at. New Christian research sheds light on conversations parents may be missing with their children to help them avoid and resist the sexual pitfalls we see all around us. Even in a homeschool environment children must be prepared before they leave home to safely navigate a sex-obsessed culture. We have found these conversations to be most effective when we start with younger children.

This session will six kinds of conversations that parents can have with children ages 5-18 that help them resist pornography and other temptations. We will include was to reduce anxiety around healthy conversations about sex. We will give you words to use to help your children understand God’s design for sexuality at different ages. We will demonstrate how to leverage emotional resilience to enhance sexual wholeness in children. You will come away with more confidence and a few ideas you can try immediately at home.

Pursuing Sexual Integrity for Teens: Christian Perspective (Teen Track)

This session is an honest discussion about the pursuit of sexual integrity for teenagers today. We will discuss how sexual integrity includes bringing our thoughts, private actions, and public behavior into an agreement with God’s design for sexuality during our teen years. We will see how integrity is not primarily achieved through self-control, but our relationship with God and each other.

We will then look at how temptation works so that we can see it coming and be better prepared to resist it. We will see how this requires us to be more aware of and honest with our feelings and how to make plans to better respond to our emotions.