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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Using the Gift of Neuroplasticity to Overcome Learning Difficulties

Workshop Speaker: Danni Gugel

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About This Workshop

Homeschooling children with learning difficulties presents some unique challenges. The great news is that all of us were created with the gift of neuroplasticity which allows us to rewire the brain to overcome learning difficulties. Our brains are malleable, moldable, and changeable. Join us as we cover how to harness neuroplasticity to help your child learn at optimal levels and reach their full potential.

Participants will:

~Understand neuroplasticity as the foundation for learning

~Realize the critical role cognitive skills play in learning

~Recognize symptoms of cognitive weaknesses as the root cause of learning challenges

~Receive strategies to use in the classroom to improve learning

~Learn ways to harness neuroplasticity to improve cognitive function