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The ONE Change YOU Can Make To Transform Your Child’s Executive Function Skills”

Workshop Speaker: Sam Young

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About This Workshop

If you’re not familiar with this term, think of executive function skills as the air traffic control tower of the brain. These are the “get things done” skills. This is the set of skills that includes managing our time, focusing our attention, initiating tasks, prioritizing things, working memory, etc Most experts agree that executive function skills are one of the greatest predictors of success. Experts also largely agree that these same skills are one of the greatest struggles for our neurodivergent children. If you have a kiddo who struggles to get things done, you can’t miss this talk. Join Sam Young, M. Ed. as he peels the curtain back on: How to help your kiddo understand the powers of executive function skills What neuroscience tells us about neurodivergent brains How to empower our kids to identify their strengths and needs How to involve your kiddo in the construction of a system that empowers them to begin managing their tasks with 3 crucial steps Most importantly, how to help our children understand the WHY behind these systems Whatever you do, do not miss this talk where we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and exploring tried and true steps that thousands of families have taken and found success with!