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Help and Hope for Dyslexia and Reading Challenges: Treating the Root Cause

Workshop Speaker: Danni Gugel

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About This Workshop

When a child cannot read fluently and effortlessly, learning is beyond difficult, frustrating, and even discouraging. Many parents of struggling readers are told that dyslexia and reading difficulties are issues that they have to work around and struggle through for the rest of their lives. The good news is that this is just false and real help is available. There is hope for treating the root causes of reading difficulties and disabilities. We’ll help you understand how to help your child overcome all types of reading difficulties through the latest research in neuroscience and explain interventions that put an end to the difficulties by treating dyslexia instead of just teaching them to read with dyslexia.

Participants will learn:

~The definition of dyslexia and other reading challenges

~What dyslexia looks like on brain imaging

~How dyslexia is diagnosed

~Treatments for dyslexia and reading challenges