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Worldschooling: A Master Class

Workshop Speaker: Angela Heisten and Julie Frieder

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About This Workshop

Have you ever wondered what it takes to pull up stakes and embark on an epic family adventure to homeschool your kids on the road? Come to this session to hear from two worldschooling parents and co-authors of the recent book Wonder Year: A Guide to Long-Term Family Travel and Worldschooling. Angela and Julie each traveled a year or more with their families, and their mission is to help other interested families get out there, too. They’ll share their expertise on everything you need to know to create your own journey, including exploring whether it’s right for your family, closing up life at home, financing your adventures, planning an itinerary, family travel logistics, staying healthy on the road, educating your kids in the world, finding community, and coming home when the time is right. They'll also provide guidance and resources for turning any outing–on the road or at home–into a worldschooling adventure. By the end of this session, you’ll be inspired and ready to launch into what could be the most amazing learning experiences of your family’s life.