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Can I Teach Foreign Language Successfully At Home?.....Yes you can!

Workshop Speaker: Dale Gamache

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About This Workshop

While most parents are familiar with and feel somewhat confident teaching the 3- R’s to their children, very few feel that same confidence with Foreign Language instruction. In my workshop, I hope to answer many of the questions that I have heard repeatedly during my nearly 40 years of Spanish instruction of children ages 4- 18 and my 15 years of homeschooling.I will also discuss the changes that are happening in the computer age to High School Foreign Language instruction and which credits are acceptable to colleges and universities. I will share my research on this very important topic in this interesting and informative workshop

*What is the best age to start teaching a foreign language? *What language should I teach?
*Should I teach Greek, Latin or some other language? *How can I teach a language that I don’t know myself? *What should I look for in a language program?

*How can I help my children become fluent in a language?
* How can I teach Foreign Language to my highschooler at home?
*Do my children need a foreign language to graduate from high school or to be accepted at a community college or university?