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The Three Barriers to Study and Comprehension

Workshop Speaker: Dr. James Speiser

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About This Workshop

This lecture / workshop will introduce the Three Barriers of Study that prevent comprehension and understanding of any written materials of any curriculum. The three barriers are all recognizable in the student due to physiological phenomena that a teacher, or the student themselves can recognize. With recognition of the phenomenon identifying a specific learning barrier, the teacher or the student can find and resolve the issue that will prevent comprehension and application of the materials in life. In one study where this technique was applied to poor producing students in grade school and middle school, students showed improvement in reading ability and comprehension to all students. In this study, 92% of students improved by more than one grade level, 81% improved by more than two grade levels, and 61% improved by more than three grade levels. The application of this simple technique will improve the performance of any student studying any curriculum.