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Emerging Trends in K-12 Education: Navigating the Changing Landscape as a Homeschool Family

Workshop Speaker: Andrew and Carlee Neumann

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About This Workshop

As homeschool families, many of us face the following question: "How do I choose the best educational resources that align with my faith and values as well as my children's learning styles?" Additionally, in a growing number of states, many homeschool families are also asking: "Should I consider using school choice funding (ESAs, tax credits, etc.) to help fund the costs of homeschooling for my children?" Across the U.S., there is an exploding ecosystem of educational resources (funding, static content, adaptive digital content, programs, experiences, teachers, tutors, microschools, etc.) available locally and globally to support a child’s learning pathway along with an expanding policy and legal environment to support it. This overwhelming set of options is creating a cloud of white noise which can lead to missed opportunities, frustration, and enormous time spent trying to discern the best options for our children. Additionally, the growing school choice landscape creates both opportunities and potentially threats for homeschool families. Our workshops is meant to help provide an overview of the changing landscape of education, a summary of some of the opportunities and threats related to these changes, and suggestions on how we, as homeschool parents, can best navigate these changing times.