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Andrew and Carlee Neumann




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Carlee and Andrew have a passion for making Christ-centered education accessible and affordable for as many families as possible. In addition to 14 years of personal experience with homeschooling our three boys, Carlee is also a mentor and organizer for our local homeschool community and a small business owner. Andrew is an educational entrepreneur, championing the advancement of Christian education in a variety of ways across the U.S.. As a homeschool dad, school choice advocate and a builder of multiple organizations in K-12 education, he has gained unique insights related to the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of religious freedom, homeschooling, microschooling, traditional schooling, and public funding through school choice. He is a nationally recognized speaker on Macro Trends and Innovation in Education, School Choice, and Scaling Innovation in Education. Most recently, Andrew and Carlee have combined their joint experiences and passions to launch MatchED, an online tool for homeschool parents and educators to make it easier to select values/faith aligned educational resources and build supportive communities of like-minded families.

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