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An Introduction to the P.O.W.E.R. Curriculum® Educational System

Workshop Speaker: Cindy Tippett

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About This Workshop

P.O.W.E.R. Curriculum® Educational Systems provide tried, tested and proven “hands-on tools” to help program participants understand how consistently making positive impacts on their life leads to reaching their highest potential. Without exception lessons are specifically designed to be facilitated by non-certified public-school teachers: home schools, facilitators in church leadership, church groups, youth-focused organizations, public schools, charter schools, Native American Reservation schools, ethnic groups, and community organizations. Our over-arching three-fold goal remains today: 1. Develop practical hands-on programming that will help participants of any age or academic achievement level understand how highly effective ethical caring leaders think and act. 2. Develop easy to understand, ready to use and easy to use facilitator manuals for use by any individual, regardless of whether being formally trained and certified as a teacher. 3. Develop easy to understand and easy to use accompanying workbooks that combined with guided discussion and small group interaction help students to develop: a. Self-awareness b. Self-management c. Social awareness d. Relationship skills: e. Responsible decision-making. Your kids learn HOW to Think, not just WHAT to think.