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Defending Truth: Strategies for Homeschooling Success Amidst Global Challenges

Workshop Speaker: Jessica Parnell

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About This Workshop

Choosing to homeschool is more than just an educational alternative; it's a proactive response to a global system that often compromises truth, diminishes parental leadership, challenges our students' very identity, and is creating an ever-widening societal divide. Join us as we delve deep into the statistical outcomes of this destructive approach and the reasons parents are reclaiming their pivotal role in their children's education. This workshop aims not just to highlight the challenges but to offer tangible tools and strategies. Our focus will be on preparing homeschoolers to equip their children with a robust defense of truth and a firm foundation that leads to confidence rather than anxiety and defeat. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to fortify their children against destructive narratives, ensuring they stand resilient amidst challenges to family values, individual worth, and core truths. We're here to support your homeschooling journey, ensuring you're prepared to shape the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.