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Jessica Parnell




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Jessica Parnell, CEO of Edovate Learning Corp, is a leading expert in the growing world of “learning without walls.” Jessica is an author, professional speaker, and homeschool mom alum who is passionate about understanding the neuroscience of the brain and how it impacts learning. Jessica’s education credentials include BS and MA degrees as well as Certifications in Neuroleadership, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Intelligence. Jessica’s passion for children and education drove her to create and provide personalized education for students at all levels. She specializes in e-learning solutions, home education, advanced education, and help for learning disabilities. As an entrepreneur, Jessica’s favorite aspect of the homeschool space is the ability to constantly innovate. She enthusiastically notes, “As we see opportunities change, we can pivot to help get children prepared for their passion. I love having the ability to impact kids that come out of a struggle with education and turn that around to get them excited about who they are and what they can do.”

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