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Helping Students Stay Sharp - Summer Skills Review Books

Workshop Speaker: Kristy Muller

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About This Workshop

Our math, language arts, and foreign language review books (preschool through high school) remain a high-quality alternative to online products. With alarming statistics concerning the amount of screen time spent by our nation's children, we are committed to offering a quality alternative with our easy-to-use, portable books to help students bridge the summer learning gap. Since 1991 grade-level books have stood the test of time for the following reasons: - Only single-subject books can give the most in-depth coverage of material. - The mixed-skills format ensures that concepts are continuously reviewed over the summer. - There are no unnecessary fillers and no gaps in the presentation of important skills. - The solution pages, help pages, and hands-on activities that are included provide all the help a student needs to complete a review book. - Requiring only 15 to 30 minutes, three to four times per week makes them a doable task for students to complete during the summer months. - For over 30 years we have helped millions of students review, retain, and succeed without adding additional screen time to their summer. I look forward to reviewing this information at the workshop. To learn more, feel free to visit: www.summerskills.com or call: 800-411-8186. We offer free shipping for all homeschool orders.