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Mutations & Information: Why Evolution is Biologically Impossible

Workshop Speaker: Pamela Acker

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About This Workshop

Much ado has been made about the synthesis between Darwinism and genetics, but does our current understanding of DNA, genomes, and proteins really point to growing genomes and microbe-to-man evolution, or does it point to something else? Can mutations really provide enough new information to turn a molecule into a mole, or does the theory of decay of original genomes over time (also known as genetic entropy) better fit the evidence that we see in present populations? This presentation will demonstrate just how much mutation is the enemy of evolution, rather than its friend, and address specific claims of supposed benefits and new genetic information to show conclusively that the scientific evidence points to original design followed by gradual degradation, not to naturalistic processes that could explain the diversification of all life from a simple primordial ancestor.