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Coding Is A Superpower

Workshop Speaker: Charles Long and Bob Williams (Co-Founders)

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About This Workshop

Coding is often referred to as the superpower of the digital age. It allows individuals to bring their ideas to life by creating software, websites, and apps that can solve problems, automate tasks, and connect people from all over the world. Coding is like a universal language, it can be used to communicate with computers, and it allows developers to express their creativity, build new technologies and shape the future. With coding, you can create tools that can help people in many different ways, from improving education to fighting diseases, from creating art to building games, coding empowers people to make a positive impact on the world. It is a highly valuable skill that can open doors to many exciting career opportunities and give you the power to change the world. Swift App School will discuss the importance of learning coding and Computer Science. They also explain what they are doing to help break down the barriers and educate the youth so they are prepared for a future that will be driven by technology and artificial intelligence.