Raising Christ-Centered Children

Workshop Speaker: Barry Pettyjohn

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About This Workshop

Training up children is a biblical requirement to be certain. Our goals - our vision - should be to train them up in the ways they should go. We often get this backwards though. We set expectations for what our children should become - Lawyers, Doctors, College Grads, etc., not whom they will serve. We send them down career paths, then we tell them to apply what God tells them to do as an afterthought, thinking that this is a successful approach. Numbers don't lie though.

Fully half of all teenagers who attend church, never come back after college. We might say, the world and the college are driving our children away. Or, we may take the time to look inward to examine our rolls in this issue.

In this session, Barry will take some time to share ways to raise Christ-centered children - regardless of their career path or calling - to prepare them for the "ways" that God is calling them.

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