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What Do Aristotle and Aquinas Have to Do with Biology?

Workshop Speaker: Pamela Acker

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About This Workshop

Modern scientific pedagogy, even that which is found in many Creation-based textbooks, relies very heavily on assumptions made regarding the empirical method and the absolute authority of information gained through our senses. It is nearly impossible to open up a science textbook in our day and age that does not tacitly adhere to this basic naturalistic (and thus inherently agnostic or atheistic) framework. But universal human experience shows us that more than strict sense knowledge is available to us – that realities like truth, beauty, and goodness are an important part not just of being human but of the nature of all living things. What can be learned from a return to basic Aristotelian principles of the study of nature, as they were interpreted through the Christian lens of St. Thomas Aquinas? In this presentation, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation will present the method behind the radical changes we have made to our newest biology textbook and why they will revolutionize the way you teach science.