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How to Educate Your Child for an Unknown Future

Workshop Speaker: Heidi Christianson

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About This Workshop

Imagine a world not too long ago where people followed a well-trodden path when it came to their careers. It was a time when job security often meant sticking with the same company for life, and the formula for success was relatively straightforward. Our parents and grandparents may have lived through these times, working diligently in careers that were predictable and stable. However, fast forward to today, and we find ourselves in a vastly different landscape. The careers of our past are evolving into something entirely new. This transformation is driven by technological advancements, globalization, and an ever-changing job market. That's precisely what we're here to explore today - how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of careers, equip your teens with the skills they need for success, and prepare them for a future that is, in many ways, still unknown. We'll delve into the essential skills that will serve as a compass for their career journey, the role of education in shaping their future, and how you, as parents, can play a vital role in their development.