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Flip That House Real Estate Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs'

Workshop Speaker: Gwendolyn Taylor

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About This Workshop

he workshop contains three segments. The history of real estate, include discrimination in real estate, red lining, and other challenges that the real estate industry faced in the 20th century including housing discrimination, the fair housing act and eminent domain. As we move into the second segment, we share with the participants/students, how to prepare for homeownership, such as paying rent on time prior to purchasing your first home, we talk about credit and the credit scoring system. We then move into purchasing real estate as an investor. We cover several common terms used in real estate and apply it to real life situations. The workshop culminates with playing Flip That House The Board Game. Depending on the setting , time allowed and attendees, we often play the game as team and award prizes of some sort to the winning team.