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Gwendolyn Taylor




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I am the inventor of an educational board game entitled Flip That House. The board game combines education with play and teaches both the young and seasoned the basic fundamentals of real estate investing and financial management. I created the game during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 while me and my foster son were hunkered down in the house. I have a passion to knowledge share and provide insight into subject areas where our students and many adults are lacking. I am married, a mother of two adults sons, a treatment foster parent, an ordained minister, care taker for my elderly parents and a manager in healthcare within corporate America. Myself along with my business partners who are experienced real estate professionals work with schools throughout the region presenting our real estate investing workshops to students, parents and educators. I also share with students my entrepreneurial journey as a board game inventor, the manufacturing process, the financial obligations and the high and lows of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

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