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5G Wi-Fi – Creating Safer Learning Spaces

Workshop Speaker: Elizabeth Plourde, PhD

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About This Workshop

As the world is moving forward to create electronics to improve our ability to learn, there are environmental impacts on our health. Today, our children have been exposed to EMF radiation from the time they were conceived. Studies have not been designed to ensure the safety of our children in these high-tech environments. Immersing our children in rooms with tablets and 5G Wi-Fi energies may overwhelm the advantages of faster and vaster learning. Reducing the health and longevity of our children may be a difficult price to pay for the advantages generated by the high-technology modern classroom. The radiations from these technologies are more difficult for children to withstand because their cells are still developing. Those who have more EMF radiation exposure are the ones who are experiencing the symptoms of headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, nose bleeds, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and cancers, etc. Children are not only exposed earlier in life than millions on the planet, their heads absorb much more radiation than adults, due to their—smaller size, greater conductivity, combined with bodies and nervous systems that are undergoing rapid cell development.

Lack of understanding of how electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation harms our entire body and all life on the planet has allowed more and more EMF devices to be created. Marketing commercials come at us from every venue telling us how our lives will be better, easier, less stress filled, and more effortless as long as we fill our homes, jobs, or cars with more and more powerful electronic devices. In reality, EMF radiation is cumulative, the same as x-ray radiation, and over time the body will begin to fail under the assault of constant EMF radiation. This session will provide critical-to-know information along with useful, easy to implement guidelines and tools that allow parents to provide a harmonious environment for children, enabling them to get the most out of learning.