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The Top Homeopathic Medicines Your Kids Need to Know

Workshop Speaker: Paola Brown

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About This Workshop

Once I got an email from a parent whose daughter had completed my program to teach kids about health and homeopathy. She wrote, “My daughter has turned into the go-to girl in our neighborhood for all kinds of accidents and injuries. We live in a neighborhood of town homes that are all full of kids, and suddenly all she sees are opportunities to help! The other day, a friend of mine was over talking about the goose egg her baby got on his head that morning. My daughter ran off and brought back Arnica montana. The goose egg was so improved in just the span of an hour! My friend was amazed. Then, my daughter’s friend from down the street got a sprained ankle, and screamed and cried when she tried to move it. My daughter ran home to get me and brought with her Bryonia. Just a couple of pellets 15 minutes apart, and her friend stopped crying. She still had to be gentle, but it was an amazing start! My daughter want’s to grow up to help people with holistic medicine, and we are so proud of her!” The wonderful thing about homeopathic medicines is that each remedy has broad applications. For example, Bryonia—when matched to the right symptoms—can help with mastitis infections, with broken bones, and even with fevers or the flu. These incredible remedies are easy to remember and, because they are completely nontoxic with a 200 year track record of safety, they are perfect for children to memorize and use under the guidance of their parents. In presentation, we will discuss the top homeopathic remedies that every child and parent should know, and how these medicines can help them avoid superfluous drugs like antibiotics and steroids. Today, we are raising the sickest generation of kids to ever walk the earth. So many parents work hard to protect the health of their family. They choose the right foods, the right medicine, and select the right supplements. But simply raising children in a holistic environment does not guarantee healthy adults. Learning about homeopathic medicine will empower families to take control of their health. As children grow into adulthood, they will undoubtedly face our world which is obsessed with the Big Pharma, pill-for-every-ill mentality. While core subjects like math and writing are critical, remember that each day, we live every moment in our body, and as parents, we must pass on the vital knowledge of true health and wellness to our kids. In this workshop, we will talk about how parents can help grow generations of health by intentionally teaching true
principles of health and by sharing about these homeopathic remedies.