Jennifer Johnson

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Jennifer Johnson is the head of Vyne and Branches ministry. A ministry that helps families navigate Internet safety and awareness. She is a veteran homeschool mom of 21 years. She's been married to her husband, Steve, for 28+ years. They have three children of their own: Andrew 27, Caleb 23, and a daughter Alice 14. They also have an adopted son in Uganda named Jeslor who is 26. He runs an orphanage there with over 40 children. They also have three dogs and three birds.

They homeschooled their oldest son for two years, their middle son for nine years, and now they are in the middle of raising and homeschooling their daughter.

Jennifer is a speaker, she loves to cook, and she was a music major in college, but most of all she is a wife and mother that tries fiercely to Love and protect her family. She has been a Christian her entire life. However, she began her personal relationship with Jesus in college. She lives every day praying and hoping to get closer to Jesus.

She hopes that this ministry and video will prompt conversations. Her main goal is to help you keep your family and love ones safe!

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