Children play. That’s just what they do. The fact that they’re learning while they’re playing is as natural as breathing to them, although they are unaware of the fact as it happens.

Preschool can start at different ages, as different families have different beliefs on how soon their child should embark on a formal education.

The only real way to find a curriculum that will work well for the entire year is to examine them in hand before purchasing.

There are many reasons for keeping a nature notebook. Even without arduous drawings and eloquent words, these special additions to our homeschool journey can be a great asset. Here are some reasons to keep one.

Many pros and cons come up when considering electronic devices and what role they should play in your homeschooling style.

If you do a lot of research about the importance of activities that fully engage the brain and boost intellect with regard to your child’s homeschooling, then you’re going to be interested in this information about the critical importance of music lessons.

If you’re wondering whether the process of applying to college is challenging, then the answer is a qualified yes. But it’s not impossible.

This can be one of the most gratifying and rewarding times to homeschool your children, as you watch them turn into the young adults you always prayed they would become.

The benefits of music education extend far beyond the lessons themselves, and parents need to recognize that multi-faceted value.

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