One of the most revolutionary educators in the American school system was none other than John Taylor Gatto. For almost 30 years, he dedicated his passion for teaching to the New York City public school system. But then, something changed.

These days, it just seems like homeschooling has always existed. In reality, if we were to go back far enough, it would be the only kind of schooling children had access to. But we’re not going to go back quite that far. The actual homeschooling movement as we know it started in the 70s.

The truth is, you can homeschool your special needs child just as easily as you can homeschool a child without special needs. The fact still remains, you know your child better than anyone else.

Making the choice to homeschool your child or children is always the best choice. Not only does it give you the freedom to tailor their specific academic program to their strengths and style of learning, but it gives you so much freedom as well.

When you homeschool, resources are of the utmost importance, especially when you are just getting started. However, seasoned homeschoolers will tell you, that finding the right ones can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. We're here to help!

The fact is, there are many great reasons to homeschool. You’re likely to have a few that don’t even make this list, but we wanted to compile it just the same.

Those homeschoolers who really want to fine-tune their child’s education often settle on the Eclectic homeschooling style.

Also known as “doing school at home”, the traditional homeschooling style makes the most sense for some families, especially if children are coming out of the public school system.

The idea of Unit Studies as a style of homeschooling makes a tremendous amount of sense. Studying one particular “unit” over the course of all relevant subjects, depending on your child’s grade level, does more than just instill knowledge. It helps to satisfy curiosity, teach organization of depth of research, and could be a great way to stay on track, especially for those children who are just naturally busy.

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