Homeschooling is also not always “schooling at home”. And we're going to discuss that in greater detail here.

Yes, there are pros and cons, and we’ll go over a few here. But chances are, you have your own list. And if you do, you’ll understand. Otherwise, let’s take a look at what we can really expect.

This energizing assembly will give you access to hundreds of information-packed workshops and dozens of outstanding speakers, where you’ll learn so very much about homeschooling and the lifestyle that goes along with it.

At some point during the high school years, college preparation becomes very important. Some homeschooled students and parents start preparing for college as soon as the freshman year starts.

Sometimes things just don’t go as you might have planned them. But, the ensuing change should not immediately be equated with “failure”. The important thing is that if you wind up having to send your child back to public school, you do so in the best possible way for your child.

Children play. That’s just what they do. The fact that they’re learning while they’re playing is as natural as breathing to them, although they are unaware of the fact as it happens.

Preschool can start at different ages, as different families have different beliefs on how soon their child should embark on a formal education.

The only real way to find a curriculum that will work well for the entire year is to examine them in hand before purchasing.

There are many reasons for keeping a nature notebook. Even without arduous drawings and eloquent words, these special additions to our homeschool journey can be a great asset. Here are some reasons to keep one.

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