Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We love you, and thank God for you.

Spouses of active duty military personnel (either enlisted members or officers) always receive free family tickets from GHC. This offer also includes active reservists, retirees, and veterans—including, of course, disabled veterans. This offer includes any surviving spouse as well.

These complimentary family tickets admit the mother and/or father, children/teens, and their grandparents for all three days of the convention, including access to hundreds of equipping & encouraging homeschooling workshops, as well as the huge exhibit hall.

Enter the coupon code “military” during checkout. You must display your corroborating military identification when you pick up your packet at the registration desk.

Note: this coupon does not count towards special event tickets. However, you may add those items when you register to attend, and you’ll find that these special events are extremely affordable.

Military Seals

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