The “pilgrim story” is quite well-known, but do we know it as well as we think we do? As we take this trip back through history, let’s see what lines up with what you know when laid alongside some true history.

There are tons of resources available for homeschoolers. However, attending one of our seven regional Great Homeschool Conventions could be just the resource you need!

These days, it seems like the public education system simply always was, but that’s not entirely true. It’s a routine that many know as “forced schooling,” and what better term for it?

Making the choice to homeschool your child or children is always the best choice. Not only does it give you the freedom to tailor their specific academic program to their strengths and style of learning, but it gives you so much freedom as well.

When you homeschool, resources are of the utmost importance, especially when you are just getting started. However, seasoned homeschoolers will tell you, that finding the right ones can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. We're here to help!

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