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Rudy Neufeld




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Rudy Neufeld expresses his indebtedness to Dr Seymour Papert, the MIT “educational-technology visionary”. In 1985, Mr. Neufeld, an Ontario mathematics leader, on being influenced by Dr Papert, authored “Learning Math with Logo”. Neufeld Learning Systems incorporated in 1999. In 2000, Neufeld's team released “Understanding Math”, with focus on K to 10 digital and person to person learning of mathematics content & methodology. It is presently being upgraded to UMathXI, 11th version. 30 years of experience as author and speaker at conferences have helped him cultivate interactive software to empower teachers and students. In 2022, Neufeld released “First Steps in Coding to Learn”, an eBook of lessons for grades 3 to 8. Today he is collaborating with the NYC inventor of “Bullseye”, a digital game-based “CatchUp” math activity. He is also partnering with Kais Clan in New Zealand on lessons , "KaiBot in Kainundrum, Engaging Coding Activities” for grades 3 to 8. He continues to present math and coding sessions both virtually and in person ( https://www.umathx.com/professional-learning/ ) in North America. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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