Mark Kernion and Jack Kernion



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We are twin-bother owners of MyScience-Prep, Chemistry-Prep LLC, and Physics-Prep LLC. We both have Bachelor of Science degrees from Penn State University and Masters degrees from Duquesne University. Jack also has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Our companies provide on-line AP Chemistry and Physics classes to homeschooled students both nationally and internationally. We also provide laboratory kits and manuals for homeschoolers that coincide with the courses taught and are authors of several books, many of which are published by Barron's Educational Series Publishing Company (a leader in test prep and general learning). We both have over 35 years of teaching experience in both public school and homeschool environments teaching chemistry and physics at all levels, but more particularly the AP level. Mark has been teaching AP Chemistry for the past 5 years exclusively to homeschooled students and Jack has been teaching AP Physics for the past 10 years to homeschoolers exclusively as well. This school year, we have over 120 students in our courses. Additionally, we produce a podcast series on Chemistry and Physics available on most podcasting platforms and have released two full seasons (16 episodes) over the past few years.