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Julia Nalle is a wife, mother, teacher, writer, LPN and co-owner of BiblioPlan. Julia has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Religion with emphasis in Old Testament Studies. Julia also has years of teaching experience, both in Christian schools and in one of Virginia's largest homeschool cooperatives, where she personally field-tests all of BiblioPlan's materials.

In 2010, Julia and her husband Rob adopted their youngest son from a mental institute in a backwoods village in Eastern Europe. Since that experience, Julia and Rob spend many of their spare hours, when not writing and teaching, passionately speaking out on their blog, Micah Six Eight, about special-needs orphans.

Online Convention Workshops

Is your head spinning with all the homeschooling lingo? Charlotte Mason. Classical. Unschooling. Traditional. Are you trying to pick and choose but don’t know what would be the best fit for your family? Do you tend to lean towards thinking outside the box? Or do you feel stuck in the box without any other options? Come discover why one style does not have to fit all. Depending upon your child’s bent, age, grade, learning challenges or interests, mom can a la carte with purpose. Julia Nalle shares from teaching her own children and through designing the BiblioPlan curriculum that it is possible to thoughtfully pick and choose a little bit of this and a little bit of that - with success.

Are you longing to find ways in your day to bring all your children together around the table? Do you need refreshing tips that show you how to combine subjects in a way that meets the needs of all your children – on their levels and in their styles of learning? Are you weary of juggling different history time periods for the different grade levels or tackling the extra work your curriculum requires you to do just to teach a lesson? Spend some time with Julia Nalle, co-author of BiblioPlan, as she shares numerous practical helps for teaching history, literature, writing, Bible, geography, art, science and more across multi‐age levels drawing from both a classical style and a Charlotte Mason approach.

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